Our TRE Follow-Up Sessions are offered as an additional resource to people who tried TRE® before and would like to continue working with an instructor. They are done in one-on-one format.  

Building on your existing experience with TRE®, these sessions will help you to:

  • create a safe space for you to practice TRE®
  • facilitate a deeper exploration of this method
  • become more familiar with how TRE® works for you 
  • understand any challenges you may be facing in your practice 
  • consolidate your knowledge and experience of TRE® 
  • prepare you for using TRE® as a self-care practice 

Apart from that, these sessions will give you an opportunity to share your experiences, discuss the method, clarify any concerns, and address any questions that came up during the session or your personal practice.

Our TRE Follow-Up Sessions are offered on-line via Zoom. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 


SGD 75 per person

via Zoom