Stress Less Tool-Kit

to better understand, measure and beat your stress

Stress Less


  • Revealed: the simple method to recognize and measure your stress.
  • Get the hacks and techniques to feel calmer in a stressful moment and to make your life less stressful.
  • Included: two downloadable guided mindfulness practices to release stress and improve sleep 

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How will this Free guide help you:

This guide will help you find answers to these questions:

Is stress always bad for me?

How do I know that I'm stressed?

How can I measure my stress level?

What can I do in a stressful moment to feel calmer?

What practices can I use to remove bad stress from my life?

Where do I get in-depth information on how stress works?

You do not need to spend time sifting through pages and pages to find the answers to your questions. We have done it for you when creating this Stress Less Tool-Kit. It is practical, short and concise.

The best techniques to beat your stress...

If you prefer to manage your stress using natural methods, you will like the techniques that we chose for you. They are natural, safe and, at the same time, effective and reliable. 

The two included audio-recorded mindfulness practices may serve you as an easy introduction to mindfulness and how to use it to beat your stress. 

Svetlana, EnergySphere //  Stress Management Consultant 

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