July Offerings

July Offerings
Dear Friends, We are happy to announce that face-to-face healing sessions and meditations have resumed. Right now the maximum number of people in one meditation is capped to five.  Our meditations and healing sessions are currently done from Space2B studio at 2B Stanley Street,  068721, Singapore. If you are not located in Singapore, private meditations and healing sessions are always available via Zoom or Skype.Here's what we have  pre

May-June Offerings

Dear Friends,In May and June all group events will continue as Zoom sessions.All the events are happening in a real time. No matter where you are in the world, please feel free to join in!group on-line meditationsIn this collaborative project, meditations are conducted daily. Please follow our Facebook page for a weekly update on meditation techniques that are going to be used on a day. raise your frequency meditationThis active meditation helps you t

April Offerings

Dear Friends,Hope you are keeping well even in times of global pandemic and social distancing. Many of us had a feeling that 2020 would be a special year but the way it manifested truly surprised everyone. These enormous changes may  well feel like a roller-coaster, but we all do our best to keep our heads above the water. As physical an emotional health of hundreds of thousands of people is being affected, I truly believe t...

Healing in Challenging Times

Dear Friends, Many of you would agree that Covid-19 puts many of us into a difficult situation. Physical, mental and emotional health of hundreds of thousands of people is being impacted. I feel that healing is needed right now. It alleviates physical and emotional pain. It heals worry and anxiety and helps us to feel more grounded, centered and connected with the core of our own being. This core is like an eye of a cyclone that knows that no matter what ...

Urban Healer

Urban Healer
Healers in the 21st century? Why do they still exist at the time when medicine and science made such remarkable advances?  THE WAY IT USED TO BE My great-grandmother was a healer. She lived in a small Russian village which you wouldn’t even be able to find on a map. Born before the Soviet Revolution, she had only finished four grades of school but could still teach me the multiplication table in the 1980s. The only church in the village was demolish...

February Offerings

Dear Friends, Happy February with its upcoming Valentine's day! As many of us strive to create more meaning in our lives, we also want our relationships to be  meaningful, our self-expression to be authentic, and our connection with people to be genuine and harmonious. Let this Valentine's day bring you one more opportunity to  feel and express your love and appreciation for another human being (or a pet) and to receive same in return. For...