Find your spiritual connection through EnergySphere healing sessions. Our sessions use a combination of non-invasive energy healing techniques to re-establish the connection with your Inner Being. Every session and package is tailor-made for your unique situation and healing priorities. General benefits of the sessions may include:

    • finding your inner peace

Past hurts may prevent us from knowing our inner peace.EnergySphere healing session will help you find inner peace by:

  • healing old wounds
  • making peace with past experiences
  • breaking through old emotional and thinking patters
    • finding your inspiration

Life without an inspiration becomes dull and hard to enjoy.EnergySphere healing session will help you find your inspiration and make your life enjoyable by:

  • releasing accumulated emotional baggage
  • restoring energy flow in your body
  • using your new energy in a rewarding and fulfilling way
    • finding your purpose in life

Loosing connection with our Inner Being may cause us feel that life has no meaning or purpose.EnergySphere healing session will help you find the purpose in life by:

  • reconnecting with the centre of your being
  • understanding yourself and others better
  • clearing your mind from limiting perspectives and beliefs
    • progressing with your personal growth

Personal development is about bringing more and more awareness into our life.
EnergySphere healing session will help you progress on your path by:

  • listening to the messages of your body
  • re-correcting with your Innate Wisdom
  • recognising your emotional patterns and limiting beliefs


Every session is tailor-made for your unique situation and healing priorities.

Session Duration: approximately 1 hour

After each session you will receive a comprehensive written report.

Packages and distant sessions are available at a reduced price to support your commitment to improving your health and well-being.


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