Helping you find your unique state of balance through kind and natural healing approaches.

What is your ideal state of wellbeing? Most likely it includes physical, mental and emotional health. It’s hard to separate them as each greatly influences the others. While physical health often takes most of our attention, psychological health is becoming more and more important to people who want to live happy and productive lives.

How does good emotional and mental health look and feel like?

  • You enjoy being with most of the people you know, especially with close people in your life 
  • You are generally happy and are more than willing to help someone else to feel better
  • You lead a mostly tension-free life, laugh a lot, and rarely suffer from aches and pains 
  • You enjoy life and are willing to accept other people who think and act differently from you 
  • If you have issues with someone you will try to work out the problem
  • You are creative in what you do and enjoy your full potential
  • When you feel unhappy, you'll attempt to do something about it

Reference: Dr. W.Glasser, Choice Theory

Would you agree that this sounds like a very natural state of being? Hence, to achieve and maintain it, at EnergySphere we offer you only natural solutions. They include intuitive counseling, somatic work (including TRE), BodyTalk, Reiki and other energy healing methods.

This variety of approaches allows us to serve you in finding the best solution for your unique situation. 

We use them to support you in dealing with:

  • emotional imbalance
  • acute and chronic stress
  • anxiety and worry
  • low mood and depression
  • recovery from injuries and surgeries
  •  physical and emotional pain
  • low energy
  •  psychosomatic issues
  • sleep issues

At EnergySphere we offer you effective, tried and tested holistic health treatments and natural healing methods. All of them are:

  • kind, natural and non-invasive
  • addressing your emotions, mind and body as a whole
  • safe and guided by your own body’s ability to heal itself
  • targeted to address the root cause of an issue
  • complementing any other therapy you might be using
  • causing no contraindications

Tapping into the natural healing forces within yourself, these methods will help you find your optimal state of balance and wellbeing. 

At EnergySphere we help to choose the best method for you and prepare a tailor-made healing program to achieve your healing goals.

Contact us for a Free Phone Consultation or to book a healing session.

our serviceS: bodytalk healing sessions

BodyTalk is a safe and non-invasive holistic health treatment, which draws on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It’s based on a principle that in a healthy body every part is in constant communication with every other part. The common stresses of life tend to break down this communication, causing illness and injury. BodyTalk helps to restore the natural balanced communication in the body, which can then heal itself.

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    our services: reiki healing sessions

Reiki is a biofield hands-on therapy and translates from Japanese as ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. This method originated in Japan in late 19th century with Mikao Usui.

During a Reiki session, this pure life force energy flows from the practitioner’s hands lightly placed over your body. Your body takes in this additional supply of pure energy and uses it for self-healing, balancing and harmonizing itself on all levels: physical, mental, emotional.

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    our services: TRE® SESSIONS

TRE® stands for Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises. This method recognizes that, apart from being a psychological phenomenon, stress has a certain physical effect and forms patters on tension within the body.
TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that help in releasing these deep muscular patterns of tension and stress stored in the body.

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    our services: intuitive counselling

These sessions are based on a heart-based intuitive counselling approach that draws on mindfulness, valued living, acceptance of emotional experiences, committed action and somatic work to help you find emotional balance and achieve your personal goals. 

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Using your body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to heal itself, non-invasive methods that we employ will help you achieve your goals and unique state of balance of body and mind.