Supporting your child's emotional, psychological and physical health through healing. 

One of the hardest things for parents is when our children are unwell. Especially so when it is not clear what’s the cause of their emotional, mental or physical concerns. As parents we may sometimes feel that something is bothering our child or is not as per usual but we don’t know exactly what it is. 

For example, 

  • Your child can’t talk yet or explain what is wrong but you have noticed that he’s just not himself and you feel that something is bothering him.
  • You noticed that your child’s mood or behavior changed all of a sudden (she lost appetite and sleep, is sad or irritable, acts out aggressively, withdraws from contact, is very stressed, etc.) You are concerned.
  • Your child suffers from some aches and pains like nausea, stomach pain, headaches, etc. You have seen a doctor who said that these symptoms may be psychosomatic, i.e. present as physical symptoms but are in fact psychological. You are wondering how to resolve this problem.
  • Your child had a surgery, injury  or recovers from a disease and takes very long to heal. You are looking for a way to help with her recovery.

How can we help you in these situations?

Meet Mei

Mei is a 2 year old who started pre-school about half a year ago. Soon after, she became sick with fever, cough and runny nose. These symptoms persisted throughout next six months and became the norm. Mei's mom was advised that there was no cause for concern but she was looking for ways to help Mei recover. Using BodyTalk, we found that adjusting to her new life in pre-school was not easy for Mei. The only way she could communicate her distress was through the physical symptoms. Her cough and fever disappeared after the first BodyTalk session. She received a few more sessions to become a healthy and happy preschooler and now thoroughly enjoys her time in school. 

Research shows that up to a quarter of children attending primary (medical) care have mental health concerns and they mainly present with physical rather than mental health symptoms. (Sayal & Taylor, 2004) 

Meet Matt

Matt is a 5 year old who got strongly affected by an event at home. Everyone at home was very surprised and thought that he's over-reacting. But to Matt it was a very big deal and shocked him to such a degree that he could not sleep at night or let go of his mother's hand. His body was trembling and for a few days he was extremely anxious and in distress.

For Matt, we used a combination of counselling, BodyTalk and Reiki to bring the activation of his nervous system down. Matt could now relax, have a good sleep and feel that he's ok again.

"Distress can be recognized as a component of human experience, not necessarily as a mental health problem. It needs to be appropriately addressed rather than labeled." (Dogra et al., 2018)

Meet Mei

Being just 3 years old, Vera has gone through a lot in her life. She recently had a brain surgery and was recovering well. Her parents brought her in to see us because her vision started deteriorating rapidly. Although she was undergoing physiotherapy to improve her vision, they wanted to pull in additional resources to change this situation for the better. We worked with Vera extensively, using BodyTalk, Reiki and other energy healing modalities. Her latest vision check result showed a ' pretty good progress', confirming that all the efforts paid off.

In children, even more so than in adults, psychological, emotional and physical health is an interwoven whole. We offer healing for kids to help you support them through natural, kind and gentle healing approaches that have a track-record of success. We use traditional methods like counselling and somatic work, as well as complementary therapies like BodyTalk, Reiki and energy healing to help you find a solution for your child's concerns.

If you are looking for ways to help your child with:

  • Psychosomatic issues (where emotional and psychological issues may be underlying physical symptoms)
  • Emotional and psychological issues (such as stress, anxiety, depression, behavioral problems)
  • Healing from pain, injuries and surgeries

we invite you to have a free phone consultation with us to discuss how we can support you in finding a solution.