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Happy February with its upcoming Valentine’s day! As many of us strive to create more meaning in our lives, we also want our relationships to be  meaningful, our self-expression to be authentic, and our connection with people to be genuine and harmonious. Let this Valentine’s day bring you one more opportunity to  feel and express your love and appreciation for another human being (or a pet) and to receive same in return. For many of us who are single, let this day be a celebration of our self-love and appreciation for who we are, how far we’ve come and how much we are still to attain.
To make this day even more meaningful, we have  created  these offerings for you and your special Valentines.

Your Meaningful Valentine (for Couples)

Make this Valentine's day memorable by inviting your special person to do something  different and meaningful together. We have prepared a special private meditation for couples that will help you connect with your loved one on a new level. This gentle and healing meditation will allow you to give and receive in harmony and from an open heart, balancing masculine and feminine energies within your own being and within your union with each other. Giving your full awareness, attention and intention to co-creating a harmonious and meaningful connection will surely be appreciated, cherished and remembered by your special Valentine. 

Prior meditation experience is not required for this session. Please contact us to book this offering at your own location or at a meditation studio. 

Time: By appointment
Duration: 1 hour
Venue: Your own location or Space2B studio
Cost: $75 (plus studio rental if required)
Facilitator: Svetlana EnergySphere

Your Meaningful Valentine (Self-Love)

On this special day give yourself something very-very special, beautiful and rewarding. There is no better gift than pampering yourself with a gentle and healing Reiki session.Reiki will help you leave business, worries and concerns behind as you let go, relax and rest, knowing that you, your body, soul and mind, fully deserve it and benefit from it. Make this day a celebration of self-love, self-care and self-appreciation to enjoy and  to remember.

Want to know more about Reiki? Check our web-page here

Time: By appointment
Duration: 1 hour
Venue: Your own location or Space2B studio
Cost: $140
Practitioner: Svetlana EnergySphere

Stress Release: Your Body's Natural Way

While life without stress may be plain and boring, too much stress can be harmful to our health and well-being.
How do we find a balance and make sure that stress we experience on daily basis does not accumulate to start harming us.

In this workshop we will look at stress from the perspective of our physical body, exploring how stress operates, how it can be measured, and most importantly how it can be safely disposed of in a natural way.
We will learn a self-help method, called TRE® to clear away accumulated stress and tension from our bodies in a safe and efficient way.

TRE® (Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercise) is a simple but profound process that is not only used to ‘release’ stress after the fact, but just as importantly prevent chronic stress and burnout by building capacity and resilience in the nervous system through ongoing and regular use.

TRE® is a self-empowering technique to literally shake off stress, tension and trauma on a regular basis to help you create:
· deeper relaxation
· improved sleep
· reduced pain
· greater resilience
· reduced occupational stress
· more energy and vitality
· increased mindfulness
· faster recovery
· empowered relationships

TRE® is for anyone who finds they get charged up in response to the stresses of daily life by getting irritated, frustrated, anxious or worried who would benefit from unwinding these emotional body based responses to experience greater peace, calmness and freedom in their lives – which basically includes all of us!

Join us for this workshop to learn and practice this amazing stress release method.

Date: 16 February, Sunday
Time: 2pm-4pm
Cost: $64
Facilitator: Svetlana EnergySphere
Venue: Exhale
Address: 230A River Valley Road,  238288, Singapore

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TRE® + Medicine Drumming

After a long and busy week join us for Friday stress release where we use TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) to remove tension from our muscles and our minds, while allowing the rhythm and vibrations from the medicine drum to shift and release deep seated stagnant energy from the depths of your subconscious mind.

TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of tension and stress. These patterns are formed when we go through stressful experiences and a large amount of energy, mobilized by the body, gets trapped in the muscles. TRE® helps to discharge this stressful energy by activating a unique, naturally inbuilt mechanism of muscular shaking or vibration within the body. Once evoked in a safe environment, these reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing, relaxing the body and calming down the nervous system. Helping the body to release excess of stressful energy, TRE® helps to create feelings of relaxation, peace and wellbeing. What a better way to finish the week and prepare for a relaxing and peaceful weekend after shaking your stresses away.  

Date: 28 February, Friday
Cost: Early Bird $38
Facilitator: Christina & Svetlana
Venue: Space2B
Address: 2B Stanley Street, Singapore, 068721
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