Are you searching for you own unique state of balance in life? Most likely you have already realised that emotions are a very important component of your overall equilibrium. A link between body and mind, they affect the way we feel on daily basis. Though subtle and intangible, they nevertheless have a very real impact on our internal climate and our quality of life. If you are confused and overwhelmed by emotions at times, here are seven simple truths to help you find your way around them.

  1. We all experience emotions. At times people pretend to be unemotional, but the truth of the matter is that just by virtue of being human we get angry, afraid, and we feel grief, sadness and joy. This means that we do not need to be ashamed of ourselves when we experience emotions: they are common to everyone.

  2. Emotions are just as important as our mind or physical body. People tend to view emotions dismissively as unworthy of attention. But in fact they are just as important as our mind and body. If the emotional side of the personality is not fully developed, a human being cannot reach true maturity and be at peace with herself.

  3. We are rarely taught how to deal with our emotions. Even today society rarely provides support and education needed for emotional growth to happen. Children are not taught about emotions and ways to deal with them, which reflects a general lack of attention given to emotional health. Therefore it is no surprise that many of us struggle with this area of our lives.

  4. Our first instinct is to suppress our emotions. Emotions can often make us feel quite uncomfortable. They can be painful. As children we often protect ourselves by reaching an erroneous conclusion: if I somehow stop feeling – I will not be in pain. Little by little we learn to suppress emotions, sometime to such a degree that life loses its taste and colour. When we stop ourselves from feeling pain, we also stop feeling joy and fulfillment.

  5. Emotions do not disappear when we suppress them. Emotions are energy and energy does not just disappear – it simply changes its form. Suppressed emotions still linger in a body in the form of toxins, disease or tension. But this does not mean that emotions are our enemies.

  6. Emotions are not our enemies. Every emotion is there for a reason. Even emotions that are normally called ‘negative’ serve a purpose. Fear is there to protect us. Anger is there to move us forward. Healthy aggression is there to urge us to stand up for ourselves. This means that we do not need to feel guilty when we catch ourselves experiencing these emotions. They become damaging to our health and well-being only when we try to keep them out of our awareness.

  7. The best way to deal with emotions is to be fully aware of them. Acknowledging their presence and allowing ourselves to really feel them is what allows emotions to reach their full expression inside us. (Feeling the emotions, of course, does not mean acting them out in a way that may hurt other people). When we deal with emotions with the respect and attention they deserve, not only do we prevent damage to our health, but also we reach a state of emotional maturity where we create more room for love, acceptance and compassion.

    If your emotions have reached high level of intensity or you do not know where to start working with them, please remember that you are never alone and help is always available. At EnergySphere we employ energy healing techniques to support you in achieving your emotional balance. The advantage of energy healing is in its subtle and non-invasive approach to health and emotional well-being. Learn more here…