Find your emotional balance with EnergySphere healing sessions. Our sessions use a combination of non-invasive energy healing techniques to enhance your emotional well-being. Every session and package is tailor-made for your unique situation and healing priorities. General benefits of the sessions may include:

    • releasing acute emotional stress

Emotional stress can become particularly intense during a divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a job and other difficult life situations.
EnergySphere healing sessions will help you to:

  • balance the intensity of built-up emotions (grief, fear, anxiety, frustration, and others)
  • support your nervous system
  • release tension from your body
  • increase the sense of well-being
    • eliminating emotional toxins

Suppressed emotions can accumulate in organs and tissues of the body causing physical symptoms and affecting your well-being.
Our energy healing sessions will help you to:

  • release accumulated emotions from organs and tissues in the body
  • prevent physical issues associated with emotional toxins
  • enhance your immune system
  • create space for love, compassion and peace

Some emotions may be affecting your relationship with others and the way you feel about yourself. Our healing sessions will help you to:

  • identity emotional patterns that affect your health and wellbeing the most
  • bring hidden emotional patterns into awareness
  • release emotional patterns that do not serve you any longer
  • harmonize your relationship with self and others

Past emotional wounds can still be affecting the way we see the world and ourselves, preventing us from reaching our inner peace.
EnergySphere healing session will help you to:

  • identify emotionally charged memories
  • reprocess and synthesize past emotional experiences
  • release and heal past emotional experiences
  • reconnect with your inner peace


Every session is tailor-made for your unique situation and healing priorities.

Session Duration: approximately 1 hour

Packages and distant sessions are available at a reduced price to support your commitment to improving your health and well-being.