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manage your stress before it starts managing you

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With constantly accelerating pace of life, stress becomes an intricate part of it.
If left unchecked, stress can be damaging to our physical and emotional health, our relationships and quality of life. If you prefer to manage stress before it starts managing you and affecting your life, please join this
Free Stress Management Challenge.

A two week challenge

If you noticed that your life becomes more and more busy, your stress is constantly there, starting to affect your health, relationships, mood and sleep, it is time to start managing your stress instead of allowing it to manage you. This Stress Management Challenge is designed to help you do just that.

This challenge will run for two weeks and will help you incorporate a stress management routine into your life. As regular practice is required to bring long-lasting and sustained results, this program will help you get started and stay on track. You will be able to follow this program in your own time and in comfort of your home. It will equip you with valuable strategies to rid your life of stress and improve your quality of life.

meditate your way out of stress

You must have heard that meditation is one of the best natural stress relieve and stress management methods out there. Being an age-long practice, it is now backed up by a solid scientific research. Benefits of meditation include increased memory and focus, better sleep, reduced reactivity to stress triggers, improved physical health and more harmonious relationships with people.

In as much as meditation is an excellent tool for stress management, it can be a bit challenging if you are a beginner and/or if you have a very active mind. This where this Free Stress Management Challenge can help you address both issues and easily use meditation practice to bring down your stress levels. Using simple and effective meditation techniques, it will help you to make your meditation practice a success.


How it works

Once you sign-up for this Stress Management Challenge, you will receive following resources and will be able to start your practice immediately.  

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    A weekly Stress Management program for daily practice

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     Detailed instructions and a link to required resources to keep you on track with your practice

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    Outcome measurement tool to help you track your progress

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     One Free phone consultation with us at EnergySphere to discuss your progress and adjust the program to suit your needs, if required

ready to start?

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