Do you have a chronic condition that is very stubborn and does not shift no matter what you do?
Are you going from one illness to another and don’t seem to be able to end a vicious circle?
Are you struggling to keep your energy levels up?
Are you recovering from an injury and feel that the body is not healing fast enough?

We all experience health challenges – BUT, DO YOU KNOW… The body is an amazing instrument that can fix a lot of issues without any efforts from our side. Our body WANTS to bring us back to BALANCE.

But if your body is not serving you as well as it could, maybe you need to look deeper for a cause of an issue.


Your body is a complex mechanism where communication plays a vital role. All organs, systems and even singe cells in the body communicate between each other through physical and subtle energetic pathways.

If this communication flow is smooth you are healthy and everything is well. But more often than not the energy flow is disturbed by many stresses of life. When there is a block in communication somewhere in the body, it sends us signals. They can be in a form of a symptom, an injury, pain or discomfort.


Energy healing works by listening to these signals, identifying where break-downs in communication are and repairing them. By doing so, it activates your body’s natural ability to heal itself. It works with your body’s Innate Wisdom to identify the factors that cause it the most stress. It helps you uncover and address the root cause of your health concern.

At EnergySphere we use BodyTalk System to identify your body’s healing priorities and to re-establish the balance. If you are determined to get your health back on track but don’t know where to start, tapping into the wisdom of your body is the best first step.


BodyTalk is a system based on the principles of self-healing. It is natural, holistic and unique to what your body needs. BodyTalk is:

  • natural and holistic
  • tailor-made to what your body needs
  • non-invasive and safe
  • targeted to address the root cause of an issue
  • complements any other therapies
  • causes no contraindications