We Heal We Grow We Evolve
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Do You Mean I Have Created My Own Disease?

'You are a creator of your own life'. You come across these words once in a while. At first you think that it's just a nice motivational statement to brighten up your day. At least that's what I was thinking until it hit me that they actually mean it! I realized that this idea has a very real and practical implications! This meant that everything I hated in my life was of my own creation. Next logical step for my mind was to suggest that I'm worse t...

What Is Wrong With My Health??

Have you ever been in a situation where you were not feeling well but could not get an answer from your doctor what is wrong with you? I have been there and must say that it’s the worse place to be. Another difficult situation is to have so many health problems at once that you feel completely overwhelmed by going from one specialist to another and still have no idea how to go about improving your health. If you haven’t been in this situation, I’m s...

Negativity – The Door Into Yourself

Do you believe that you are a negative person? Are you wondering why is it that you can't be positive all the time? Does your negativity feel overwhelming? Do not feel disheartened because you are on the right track. What you are going through has a purpose and will help you progress in your personal growth. We hear a lot about a power of positive intentions. We are expected to always be in a good mood, never angry or irritated. But it is not working w

Innate Wisdom Of Your Body

Innate Wisdom is a spark of Universal Consciousness localized in your body. It has all the information and intelligence to keep your body and mind functioning in perfect synchronicity and balance. When you cut your skin accidentally you do not need to tell the body what to do. It automatically starts to repair itself. Something other than our logical mind is directing the body. It orchestrates complex processes to have this cut healed. This is what in B

A Mirror For Your Healing

We know ourselves well, maybe even too well to be objective. Immersed into all sorts of issues and things requiring our attention, we might lose sight of what's truly important. This is where a mirror concept helps us out. When we look in a mirror, it reflects back to us - what are our most prominent features, what are the colors that we wear. This same concept can be used in healing. A mirror helps us see ourselves clearer. In your very complex personali

We Heal We Grow We Evolve

What is one thing your life is all about? For us it is healing. This is what matters to us and makes a difference. Why do we need healing? It is because every person, at some point in their journey, has been hurt. All the trauma and difficult experiences that we lived through, create a lack of wholeness, a separation. Healing is reclaiming that which at some point was lost. Sometimes it can be a soothing experience. Sometimes it requires that we remember

Our Healing Space

When you come to have your BodyTalk session with us, we invite you into this Space at 19 Tanglin Road. Located at the heart of Singapore, it keeps a busy city life behind its doors. At EnergySphere we were welcomed to share this space with Integrated Energy Centre. Pauline Chau has created and run this Centre for almost 10 years now. Probably this is why this healing space has an atmosphere of balance, certainty and positive stability around it. It fee

World Mental Health Day with OTR Wellness Cafe

Nobody has to stand alone when it comes to mental wellness challenges. This was our take-away from celebrating World Mental Health Day with Over-The-Rainbow initiative and their Wellness Cafe. Hosted by Yen-Lu and Yee Ling Chow, this event attracted participants who were inspired to offer and explore out-of-the-box solutions to mental health issues. The Organizers The organizers of this event, Yen-Lu and Yee Ling, are a well known in Singapore couple. Th

Advanced BodyTalk Course with Sylvia Muiznieks

One of the most senior BodyTalk instructors, Sylvia Muiznieks, has visited Singapore in beginning of October. It was a great opportunity to meet Sylvia in person and attend one of her courses, Principles of Consciousness. In this course we explored how our senses and beliefs form our perception of the world and how they can affect our body. We looked at each organ of a body as having its own consciousness and being able to store our emotions, attitudes an
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