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This month, learn new ways to raise your energy and be stress free with this amazing natural methods: Raise Your Energy Meditation: 30.09 7pm Raising your energy to a new level, this meditation will help you feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on life’s challenges. Humming Meditation: 04.10 12:30pm Using humming and gentle movement, this meditation helps us clear the mental chatter, bring the mind into the pre...

TRE Workshop on 23rd Feb

Have you ever wondered about body-mind connection? What is the link between mental stress and physical body? What are the physical symptoms that arise from stressful situations?          In this workshop we will explore science behind this links and how it manifests in our day-to-day life. Information is power but this is not all that this workshop will deliver to you. Most important que...

I’m Not Perfectly Healthy But Most Of The Time I Feel Great

I came to healing because I was sick. It was 2012 and for a couple of years I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease. According to statistics thyroid disease, in its different forms, is one of the most common endocrine issues on the planet. My thyroid is not producing enough hormones. That’s why, before I knew what was wrong with me, I was feeling EXTREMELY tired, all the time. It also became super difficult for me to concentrate at work. It b

Scared of Your Body? I Know How It Feels

scared and lost I remember feeling scared of my body. I was about 20 years old when I started having all sorts of health challenges, one after another. First it was pneumonia (not diagnosed timely because it was a flu season and many people had similar symptoms). Right after that there was a long struggle with a chronic sinus infection with dull, constant headaches. After that there was a kidney infection with outbreaks of high fever, which wasn’t reactin


Some people come to energy healing out of curiosity. Some out of desperation, as the last resort, after having tried everything else and almost loosing hope. This was the case with our client, Galina, who had a digestive disorder. THE LAST RESORT Galina is a 65 years old retired lady, living in a small  town in Russia. She's always been very hard working but lately her health has been going from bad to worse. Her daughter just recently had her first chil

EnergySphere at Heart Mind Body Festival in Oct 2017

EnergySphere at Heart Mind Body Festival in Oct 2017
Heart Mind Body Festival takes place every six months here in Singapore. The next one is coming up very soon, on 27-29th of October. If you are interested in natural health, wellness and spirituality, it is definitely a place to be. There will be 35-40, maybe more, practitioners showcasing their therapies and products. That's a lot to choose from. Admission to this event is free plus you can find a lot of free or discounted products, sessions or informatio

Do You Mean I Have Created My Own Disease?

'You are a creator of your own life'. You come across these words once in a while. At first you think that it's just a nice motivational statement to brighten up your day. At least that's what I was thinking until it hit me that they actually mean it! I realized that this idea has a very real and practical implications! This meant that everything I hated in my life was of my own creation. Next logical step for my mind was to suggest that I'm worse t...

What Is Wrong With My Health??

Have you ever been in a situation where you were not feeling well but could not get an answer from your doctor what is wrong with you? I have been there and must say that it’s the worse place to be. Another difficult situation is to have so many health problems at once that you feel completely overwhelmed by going from one specialist to another and still have no idea how to go about improving your health. If you haven’t been in this situation, I’m s...

Negativity – The Door Into Yourself

Do you believe that you are a negative person? Are you wondering why is it that you can't be positive all the time? Does your negativity feel overwhelming? Do not feel disheartened because you are on the right track. What you are going through has a purpose and will help you progress in your personal growth. We hear a lot about a power of positive intentions. We are expected to always be in a good mood, never angry or irritated. But it is not working w