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EnergySphere at Heart Mind Body Festival in Oct 2017

EnergySphere at Heart Mind Body Festival in Oct 2017
Heart Mind Body Festival takes place every six months here in Singapore. The next one is coming up very soon, on 27-29th of October. If you are interested in natural health, wellness and spirituality, it is definitely a place to be. There will be 35-40, maybe more, practitioners showcasing their therapies and products. That's a lot to choose from. Admission to this event is free plus you can find a lot of free or discounted products, sessions or informatio

Our Healing Space

When you come to have your BodyTalk session with us, we invite you into this Space at 19 Tanglin Road. Located at the heart of Singapore, it keeps a busy city life behind its doors. At EnergySphere we were welcomed to share this space with Integrated Energy Centre. Pauline Chau has created and run this Centre for almost 10 years now. Probably this is why this healing space has an atmosphere of balance, certainty and positive stability around it. It fee

World Mental Health Day with OTR Wellness Cafe

Nobody has to stand alone when it comes to mental wellness challenges. This was our take-away from celebrating World Mental Health Day with Over-The-Rainbow initiative and their Wellness Cafe. Hosted by Yen-Lu and Yee Ling Chow, this event attracted participants who were inspired to offer and explore out-of-the-box solutions to mental health issues. The Organizers The organizers of this event, Yen-Lu and Yee Ling, are a well known in Singapore couple. Th