Advanced BodyTalk Course with Sylvia Muiznieks

One of the most senior BodyTalk instructors, Sylvia Muiznieks, has visited Singapore in beginning of October. It was a great opportunity to meet Sylvia in person and attend one of her courses, Principles of Consciousness. In this course we explored how our senses and beliefs form our perception of the world and how they can affect our body. We looked at each organ of a body as having its own consciousness and being able to store our emotions, attitudes an

Certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner

On 31st of August 2016, Svetlana passed a BodyTalk Fundamentals Exam and became a CBP (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner). According to IBA's (The International BodyTalk Association) rules, there were a few prerequisites for taking this exam. One of them was conducting and documenting at least 50 BodyTalk sessions. The exam was around three hours in length. It was intense but fun, with a mixture of theoretical and practical challenges. Post by Svetlana:
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