This month, learn new ways to raise your energy and be stress free with this amazing natural methods:

  • Raise Your Energy Meditation: 30.09 7pm Raising your energy to a new level, this meditation will help you feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on life’s challenges.
  • Humming Meditation: 04.10 12:30pm Using humming and gentle movement, this meditation helps us clear the mental chatter, bring the mind into the present moment, and leads us into a state of rest and relaxation.
  • Shake Your Stress Away with TRE: 11.10 6:30pm After a long and busy week join us for Friday stress release where we use TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) to remove tension from our muscles and our minds.
  • Meditation for Busy Minds 25.10 12:30pm Learn innovative active meditation techniques to clear your mind from tension, anxiety, worry and recurring thoughts.
  • Private Healing Sessions with Reiki, TRE, BodyTalk: every Wed & Friday

All of these are offered out of Space2B studio. Please visit Space2B web-site for more information and booking. All sessions are also bookable via ClassPass. Have a great month 🌻

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