BodyTalk systemI came to healing because I was sick. It was 2012 and for a couple of years I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease. According to statistics thyroid disease, in its different forms, is one of the most common endocrine issues on the planet.

My thyroid is not producing enough hormones. That’s why, before I knew what was wrong with me, I was feeling EXTREMELY tired, all the time. It also became super difficult for me to concentrate at work. It became very hard for me to perform, which was not good for my job. That were difficult times, especially because I didn’t have an answer yet why all of this was happening to me.

When I finally got diagnosed, I started taking medication to top up the level of my thyroid hormone. One would have thought that it would fix me right up and yet…I still was not feeling well at all. That’s where I began search for alternative solutions.

Not too sure how but I came up with an idea that my problem must lie in an energetic block in the area. I set off to google energy healing and it brought me to a Reiki session with a lady who later became my Reiki teacher.

The experience of this session was a pretty unusual one. I suppose that by then, stress and tension was my usual state. That’s probably why feeling relaxed in this session felt like something out of this world. Plus to this, when I walked out of this Reiki session, my body felt extremely light and weightless. Now, this was something I never experienced before. Since I could remember my body always felt very heavy. My hormonal issues added exhaustion to this heaviness. So you can imagine my surprise when after just one hour session my body felt completely different :0 From this time on I was hooked on energy healing.

When I came to my first class to learn Reiki, I was very sure of why I was there. I wanted to heal my thyroid. What did I mean by heal it? Well, this also was pretty clear to me – I needed to be off medication that doctors told me were to be taken for as long as I live. My healing goals were all set, they were clear, they were predetermined and a bit rigid 😉 But healing is the opposite of rigidity. Healing means restoring the flow while rigidity is about solidity where flow can’t exist.

So what did I get from a few years of doing self healing for myself? The very first and pretty unexpected outcome was that I started feeling inspired. I can even say I started to feel happy. That was quite amazing by itself. I never knew that happiness was actually possible to achieve working from inside out, without changing anything in one’s life situation. Wow! Pretty cool! It also got much easier for me to communicate with people and I started having glimpses into what a peaceful mind feels like. Apart from that I got to a very clear sense of purpose and direction in my life. Of course, energy healing was a very large aspect of my inner purpose because, around 40 years of age, I finally found out that I was born to be a healer. 😛

Feeling super inspired by my first energy healing love, Reiki, I went on to learn BodyTalk, Medical Intuitive System, TRE, Meditation and a few other techniques.

When I stick to my self-healing practice, my energy levels are better than they were before I ever got thyroid disease. I have enough power in my batteries to be a single mom, work full time and follow a part-time Master’s program. Not too bad, I think 😉

The difference energy healing made in my life was pretty obvious – from feeling like a rack, I moved to feeling pretty good most of the time.

The truth is though that I’m still on thyroid medication, although I managed to reduce its dosage dramatically.

But the fact remains – I’m not completely healthy.

Does this mean that I failed at my healing goals? Maybe. But I also very often think about a concept that I learnt in BodyTalk that body has its own healing priorities, timing and sequence. Maybe for me it was much more important to get happier before my thyroid can heal.

I’d love to hear your view on this story. Do you feel that I failed? Do you think I have succeeded or do you have something else to share?



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