Some people come to energy healing out of curiosity. Some out of desperation, as the last resort, after having tried everything else and almost loosing hope. This was the case with our client, Galina, who had a digestive disorder.


Galina is a 65 years old retired lady, living in a small  town in Russia. She’s always been very hard working but lately her health has been going from bad to worse. Her daughter just recently had her first child. Galina was not able to help with her grand daughter as most of the time she was not feeling well. She was diagnosed with pancreatitis and travelled to a nearby city to receive a medical treatment. However, after initial relief her condition flared up again. Local doctor insisted that her tests did not look too bad and there was no reason to hospitalize her. Since she lives in a remote area, it was difficult for her to get a second medical opinion or seek help elsewhere.

In meantime Galina was only able to eat dry bread and tea. Any other food would result in pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Her body weight dropped from 61kg to 57kg. She was very low on energy to the point where it was difficult for her to walk. This on-going issue made her feel hopeless about any prospects for improving her health.

This is when she decided to try BodyTalk without having any expectations of improvement. However she felt better immediately after the first session. It took us five sessions to reach a stable and consistent improvement not only with her digestive health but also with her long standing severe headaches.


In BodyTalk we communicate directly with client’s body using muscle checking to find and repair broken communication links within the body to help it start the healing process. In Galina’s first session, the healing priority highlighted by the body was the communication between her Stomach and Liver. It seemed that the Body was taxed by toxins, due to Galina’s many years of working in construction industry, dealing with building materials, paint, etc. Apart from that the body highlighted emotions of hopelessness, endurance and seeing life as a struggle. The tapping technique we used at the end of the session helped the body to restore body’s natural chemistry, release toxins, improve the function of stomach and liver, as well as balance the emotions.

session outcomes

Galina’s condition improved considerably after the very first session. Her pain reduced and diarrhea and vomiting stopped. Subsequent sessions helped to stabilize her digestive function. She added different foods to her diet, returned to her normal body weight and energy level. Her head-aches reduced in intensity and frequency. Galina is now able to travel and help her daughter’s family by taking care of her baby-granddaughter.

Galina says: ‘Thank you so much for helping me. Everyone I know can tell how much my health has improved. They are so happy to see that I’m feeling so much better. I’m very grateful for your sessions.’

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