Heart Mind Body Festival takes place every six months here in Singapore. The next one is coming up very soon, on 27-29th of October. If you are interested in natural health, wellness and spirituality, it is definitely a place to be. There will be 35-40, maybe more, practitioners showcasing their therapies and products. That’s a lot to choose from. Admission to this event is free plus you can find a lot of free or discounted products, sessions or information on offer.

EnergySphere will be taking part in the Festival this October. Just like everyone else, we are looking forward to showcasing what we’ve got. If you are interested in energy healing, we have a yummy and free Energy Healing Menu for you to try. It has three items to choose from, each taking about 20 minutes in duration.

The first one is Energy Body Scan. This is an intuitive scan that looks at your physical, emotional and spiritual healing priorities. Where your body needs support and healing, what are the emotions affecting it the most, what is the most important area of your life from a spiritual stand point? Energy Body Scan will provide you answers to these questions.

The second item on our Energy Healing Menu is Emotion Flush. Here we invite you to choose one relationship to work on. It may be a current or past relationship with a friend, a partner, a boss, etc., that you would like to improve. Maybe it is complicated, doesn’t seem to shift over time, produces negative emotions and causes tension. Emotion Flush will help you to release negative emotions surrounding this relationship and harmonise it as much as possible.

Our third free offering is a Mini BodyTalk Session. BodyTalk is an energy healing modality. It is based on a principle that all the organs, systems and even single cells in our body are connected through constant communication. A breakdown in this communication anywhere in the body may lead to a disease. BodyTalk helps to uncover where breakdown is and re-establish the communication flow. A 20 minute Mini BodyTalk Session serves as an introduction to this powerful modality.

During the Heart Mind Body Festival we will also offer comprehensive 1 hour healing sessions at half price. We believe this is a rare opportunity and a great value for money. Do not miss it!

If you would like to try our offerings, please come by Booth 33F on 27-29th of October. We will be happy to see you there!

You can read more about the Festival at their web-site: www.hmbfestival.com

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