‘You are a creator of your own life’. You come across these words once in a while. At first you think that it’s just a nice motivational statement to brighten up your day. At least that’s what I was thinking until it hit me that they actually mean it! I realized that this idea has a very real and practical implications!

This meant that everything I hated in my life was of my own creation. Next logical step for my mind was to suggest that I’m worse than other people who I thought had a trouble-free life.
In other words, this ‘motivational statement’ brought me initially to quite a miserable place. And the worst pill yet to swallow was a suggestion that I have created my own disease!  But who on earth would go and do that to themselves? It took me a few years to figure out how it all works.


The principle is very simple: A process of creating goes like this: Thought > Emotion > Pain

With every thought we create. At first there is an idea (a thought) that is either aligned or not aligned with our higher self. How do we know which thought is aligned and which one is not?
Once again the idea is very simple. An aligned thought is the one that makes you feel good. And if it is not – it will produce an emotion that makes your feel uncomfortable.
Since about 95pct of our thoughts are unconscious and can’t be easily traced, emotions are our road signs.
Next step in the process of creation is as follows. If we disregard an emotion, ignore it, pretend not to feel and start suppressing it, with time it produces pain. Pain comes in a form of a disease, an injury, a challenging situation or experience that we cannot ignore any longer. (This process is described in depth in the book ‘Money and the Law of Attraction’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks)

Now that you know the process, you may still feel that people who have a happy life and perfect health are free from any negative thoughts and emotions.
Your mind will be relieved to know that it is not true!
All people are essentially the same: having about 50pct of negativity and 50pct of positivity in them.
So when we compare our ‘imperfect’ life to someone else’s – there can be a few possibilities why their life seems better.
For example:

  • it may only seem this way on the surface but have a lot of hidden issues
  • they may have no limiting beliefs in one area of their life and it flourishes, while other areas are not that perfect at all
  • they know how to createe their life in a positive way

But even the last option does not mean that they are better than us. What makes a difference is awareness.
I believe that people who are creating their lives in a genuinely positive way have realized a full extent of their own negativity, accepted it and moved on.


Eventually we all can learn how to get our power back and start creating our lives in a positive way. Although we may use slightly different approaches, in general a process we all follow looks something like that:

  • we become aware of our emotions
  • they lead us to thoughts that can then surface from the subconscious
  • once we are aware of the thoughts that sabotage our life, they will have no control over us and we can let them go
  • as we make some progress with the above, we automatically start creating in a positive way


If you are a person who has a practical mindset, you will inevitably ask a question – how do I do this and what tools do I use?
Here are some tools and techniques that can help you with this process:

  • mindfulness – to become aware of emotions and feel through them
  • active meditations- to bring hidden emotions to the surface and release them
  • passive meditation – to become aware of all the mental chatter and clear the mind
  • www.pathwork.com – an amazing tool that I call ‘spiritual psychology’ that really helps to make sense of all our emotional, mental and spiritual struggle
  • Abraham Hicks ‘Law of Attraction’ – to learn how to create your life in a positive way

Last but not least, energy healing! It combines all the above and is a huge help in identifying and releasing limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions, creating more space for love, joy and compassion.

What I also learnt through the years is that once we are willing to truely understand ourselves and where our struggles come from,   all the help and resources become available to us as if by magic.

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your process!


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