Do you believe that you are a negative person? Are you wondering why is it that you can’t be positive all the time? Does your negativity feel overwhelming?
Do not feel disheartened because you are on the right track. What you are going through has a purpose and will help you progress in your personal growth.

We hear a lot about a power of positive intentions. We are expected to always be in a good mood, never angry or irritated. But it is not working well for everyone.

Negativity is an old friend of mine. I suspect that it was the very first skill I have learned in this life. My pictures as a one year old clearly depict a grumpy baby. Of course, I didn’t invent negativity. I simply picked most of it by observing my dad. Probably, you also can trace a number of your negative emotions back to your childhood. When I was ready to face myself in all honesty, my negative emotions did feel overwhelming. At some point I thought that I will never be able to find my way out of them but I did and so will you.


Having mastered negativity, I know how you feel every time you feel angry, hateful, jealous or resentful. You feel guilty, disappointed and frustrated with yourself, ashamed and, most certainly, not deserving to be called a good person or a spiritual person.
But! You do not realize that just by noticing all the negativity in you, you are much ahead of many people out there.
I want to congratulate you because you are on the right track.

It is through your negativity that you will reach the depth of your own being. And once you are there, you will know that everyone who knows the power of positive intentions has taken the same road. They would never demand that you jump to positivity without honoring the opposite side of the equation. They would never judge you for what you are feeling and going through. They know that, no matter where you are right now, your Inner Being contains all the joy that exists in the Universe and one day it will come on the surface and will shine through your beautiful eyes.

Working through negativity is an important phase of our development as a human being. This stage can be unpleasant but, like anything else, it has a purpose and is not meant to last forever.
What it will bring you is self-awareness, self-acceptance and an understanding that you are not your negativity. It will teach you compassion for yourself and others and will pave the way for many beautiful feelings.


Here is what you can do to make the most of this stage:

  • Allow yourself to feel. Allow your emotions to move freely within your body. Allow them to blossom like a flower. Give them your full attention. Accept them. This will help you progress through this stage much quicker and avoid emotional build-up.
  • Keep the journal and write down what you feel, without editing yourself. This will help you recognize re-occurring patterns and move past them.
  • Use physical exercise, dancing, yoga, breathing, etc. to allow stress and negative emotions to leave the body without doing harm to your health.
  • Remember that you are not alone. If at any point things get too intense, you feel stuck or want to progress quicker, you are always welcome to come for a healing session.

Negativity exists in every person. It serves a purpose and is there for a reason. By accepting it and working through it, we will be able to progress to another stage in our development and prepare the space for love, compassion, peace and a power of positive intentions.

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