Innate Wisdom is a spark of Universal Consciousness localized in your body. It has all the information and intelligence to keep your body and mind functioning in perfect synchronicity and balance.

When you cut your skin accidentally you do not need to tell the body what to do. It automatically starts to repair itself. Something other than our logical mind is directing the body. It orchestrates complex processes to have this cut healed. This is what in BodyTalk we call Innate Wisdom of the Body.
It is our Inner Doctor that always strives to keep our unique bodymind balance. It knows how to resolve any issue with our health and wellbeing.

“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” – Hippocrates

How Does BodyTalk Work

When we introduce too many stressors into our life our Inner Doctor may get overwhelmed. This is where we start noticing persistent problems and symptoms or simply feel that something is not quite right. This is the way our Innate Wisdom communicate to us that things needs to change.
And this is where the BodyTalk comes in.
It provides a way for you to communicate with the Innate Wisdom of your body and to receive its messages in a clear form.
In a BodyTalk session, your body will reveal what are the factors that are effecting its ability to heal itself.
This factors can be internal or external, they can be in your past or present, they can be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual or any combination thereof.

Once your awareness is focused on these factors, the healing work can begin. The imbalance (or the stress), which was causing a breakdown of communication within a body and mind, is brought to the attention of the brain using light tapping. The brain will initiate the changes to restore the broken communication links. Once this is done, the body can do whatever needs to be done to bring itself back into balance.

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