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A Mirror For Your Healing - Energy Sphere

We know ourselves well, maybe even too well to be objective. Immersed into all sorts of issues and things requiring our attention, we might lose sight of what’s truly important.
This is where a mirror concept helps us out. When we look in a mirror, it reflects back to us – what are our most prominent features, what are the colors that we wear.

This same concept can be used in healing.
A mirror helps us see ourselves clearer. In your very complex personality, what is it that stands out the most today? What are the features of your emotional, physical, psychological make-up and spiritual seeking that shine through or require balancing?

Probably the most important part of any healing process is bringing issues into our awareness and seeing them with clarity and objectivity.

Seeing ourselves and our issues in this way is much easier when we have a mirror.
In BodyTalk this mirror is your practitioner.

Providing their full attention, without an agenda or bias, they reflect back to you what, at this moment, is truly important to your bodymind.

You can then step back from drama and multitude of problems that occupy your mind and allow the body to concentrate on its priorities and begin to heal.

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