we healWhat is one thing your life is all about? For us it is healing. This is what matters to us and makes a difference.

Why do we need healing? It is because every person, at some point in their journey, has been hurt.
All the trauma and difficult experiences that we lived through, create a lack of wholeness, a separation.
Healing is reclaiming that which at some point was lost.
Sometimes it can be a soothing experience. Sometimes it requires that we remember our hurts and go back to the core of our pain to re-experience and make peace with it.
Sometimes it takes minutes to heal and sometimes it is a long journey.
One thing is for certain – no single effort is ever wasted.

Healing is an inside job – this is true. Ultimately, we are the ones who have do the work but we don’t have to do it alone. Help is always available. We just need to reach out for it and it will be provided.

The results that we achieve through this work also extend far beyond ourselves. Once each one of us heals, our world becomes whole. It is through each person’s free will and effort to heal their own wounds that the whole of humanity heals.

Therefore, your own healing is not selfish. It is helping your family – generations before and after you, your community and our planet to return to a state of peace.

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