otr-wellness-cafeNobody has to stand alone when it comes to mental wellness challenges. This was our take-away from celebrating World Mental Health Day with Over-The-Rainbow initiative and their Wellness Cafe. Hosted by Yen-Lu and Yee Ling Chow, this event attracted participants who were inspired to offer and explore out-of-the-box solutions to mental health issues.

The Organizers

The organizers of this event, Yen-Lu and Yee Ling, are a well known in Singapore couple. They have lived through a personal tragedy of loosing their son to a mental illness. Ambassadors for mental wellness, they are dedicating a lot of effort to raising people’s awareness of mental health issues. They are training volunteers and running a number of initiatives and on-line platforms. This initiatives are designed to make it easy for people who are experiencing mental health challenges to find help easily.

These initiatives are: WholeTree Foundation, Over The Rainbow (OTR), Circle of Care, BWell.sg and others.

OTR Wellness Cafe

On 9th of October 2016 Over The Rainbow initiative organized a Wellness Café to celebrate World Mental Health Day. This event’s agenda was jam-packed with topics.
All of them were presented by enthusiastic practitioners, inspired by the idea that their knowledge and experience can help someone else.
Some of the topics covered well known and established techniques and some offered a completely new perspective on addressing mental health challenges.
Here is a list of what we looked at:
Mindfulness-based Practices
Minding the Body, Minding the Mind
Embodied Movement
Mindful Eating
The Science of Happiness
The Gut as the Second Brain
Sound Healing
You Can Heal Your Life
Integrating Yoga in Daily Life
Sound Healing + Aromatherapy
Developing Your Natural Superpower,
The Spiritual to Physical Causes of Depression & Ways to Heal,
The Subconscious Mind,
Wisdom: Returning to the Source
Yoga Breathing & Relaxation
This was a great way to showcase a wide variety of tools and techniques available to all of us when we need help.
The BodyTalk System was presented as one of them. By looking at a whole-person and their whole-story, BodyTalk understands the importance of emotional and mental make-up of the person to their health and wellbeing. That is why it can be used as a helpful tool to return the bodymind to its natural state of balance.
At EnergySphere we are very grateful to Wellness Cafe and its organizers for the invitation and the opportunity to present BodyTalk in this event.

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