bodytalk-certificateOn 31st of August 2016, Svetlana passed a BodyTalk Fundamentals Exam and became a CBP (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner). According to IBA’s (The International BodyTalk Association) rules, there were a few prerequisites for taking this exam. One of them was conducting and documenting at least 50 BodyTalk sessions. The exam was around three hours in length. It was intense but fun, with a mixture of theoretical and practical challenges.

Post by Svetlana:

A BodyTalk Fundamentals exam is quite a serious undertaking. The minimum passing grade is 95 out of possible 100 points. IBA sets a number of prerequisites and requirements for the exam. That is why I started working on it back in June 2015, right after my Fundamentals I&II training.

First of all, I needed to learn the Protocol, the procedures and all the tapping techniques by heart. The Fundamentals course comes with a nice 330 pages manual, filled with loads of information. So it does take a bit of time for the logical mind to process and assimilate all that knowledge. A written and oral part of the exam is designed to test how well we know the theoretical part of the BodyTalk System.

Another important prerequisite for taking the exam was conducting and documenting at least 50 practical BodyTalk sessions. This number did seem overwhelming in the beginning. However, to me it was the most important part of the training. Certainly, this was the part that I enjoyed the most. By actually doing the sessions I understood that this is what I want to be doing in my life.


I’m very grateful to my first 50 BodyTalk sessions clients. Without their support and trust it would have been impossible for me to progress and complete this training.

One more person who really helped me to achieve the goal of becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner is my Instructor, Irene Khor. I’m very grateful for her dedication, advice and ongoing help.
Presently, Irene is the only local Instructor in Singapore. Her work is very important not only to a BodyTalk community here but to a whole of Southeast Asia’s.

I feel very fortunate to be receiving all this help while working to advance my knowledge and practice.

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