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Energy Healing for Your Emotional Balance

If you are looking for ways to balance your emotions in a non-invasive way, energy healing will be of great help to you. HEALING YOUR EMOTIONS Have you ever experienced a state of a deep m ...

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Energy Healing for Your Physical Health

Do you have a chronic condition that is very stubborn and does not shift no matter what you do? Are you going from one illness to another and don’t seem to be able to end a vicious circle? ...

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The Practitioner

At EnergySphere, we create a space for energy healing. Using energy healing techniques, we support you in your search for greater physical, mental and emotional health, as well as personal... ...

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Energy Healing Sessions

EnergySphere healing sessions will help you bring your health back on track, find your emotional balance and spiritual connection. ...

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This month, learn new ways to raise your energy and be stress free with this amazing natural methods: Raise Your Energy Meditation: 30.09 7pm Raising your energy to a ...

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TRE Workshop on 23rd Feb

Have you ever wondered about body-mind connection? What is the link between mental stress and physical body? What are the physical symptoms that arise from stressful situations? &n...

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I’m Not Perfectly Healthy But Most Of The Time I Feel Great

I came to healing because I was sick. It was 2012 and for a couple of years I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease. According to statistics thyroid disease, in its different forms, is one

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